As Bruno Munari said, progress means simplifying, not complicating.
So let’s keep this simple.

Project leader. I am a designer with over 20 years of experience in leading design teams, in complex, delivery-focused and extensive multidisciplinary AGILE projects.

End-to-end. My expertise covers every step of the UX process in Lean and AGILE environment, from analysis and strategy, to iteration and testing.

Multidisciplinary. My background embraces several aspects of design: graphic, interaction and user experience on web sites, applications and digital tools, on other platforms (OTT, for example).

Passionate. I love teaching and mentoring young designers, but I love even more learning from them.

Mobile. I live in Torino and work in Milano, thanks to smart working and high-speed trains.

Simply put, reach out if you want to connect.

Organizations I worked with

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