Lead UX Designer



FieraMilano – Rho, Milano (Italy) 


FieraMilano has been organising, hosting and managing international events in Italy and worldwide since 1920. The FieraMilano exhibition district in Rho spreads over 20 large pavilions located on both sides of a 1-kilometre-long pedestrian street, and it is one of the largest exhibitions district in the world.


FieraMilano wanted to provide all clients and employees with a multi-serivce and multi-purpose mobile app. Clients are exhibitors, constructors, general services (food,  ticketing, hospitality, accessibility, media) and visitors, different personas for different exhibitions. Each exhibition has its own distinctive brand identity but FieraMilano needed a strong visibility as organisational frame.

FieraMilano had already in mind a wide list of features, not always meaningful for an MVP or for different user groups. The app had to be ready in a few months, before an important event. 


The definition of a realistic MVP was the aim of the first “design thinking” workshop session with stakeholders, becoming part of a detailed AGILE backlog. Surveys and interviews were conducted amongst client groups in order to define personas. Then a robust annotated wireframe documentation was created in order to allow devs to start working, and the design system was drawn. User tests were conducted with different user groups.