NFL Gamepass

UX Designer Principal


Available on app stores,
currently online


NFL – National Football League, Los Angeles (USA) – Overtier Operations, London (UK) 


The NFL is a pioneer in live streaming matches both for national and international subscribers. Their main product, NFL Gamepass is a successful application that needed a solid update to maintain its edge, and grow beyond the US market.


Rethinking a product for several markets while remaining true to its strengths is challenging. The redesign had to be based on the NFL official design system, the OTT platform for subscribers needed to be usable, appealing, immediate, and technologically cutting-edge, performing high level quality standards both during live events and with on-demand content. And of course, the product had to be multiplatform: web, mobile, game consoles, smart tv apps. The whole nine yards.


A brand new navigation pattern was designed and tested in order to perform consistently on different devices. The NFL design system was improved with OTT specific modules. The video player, heart of the OTT product, was completely redesigned, adding a layer of live stats and information synched with the matches, to provide an immersive experience that is enhanced and completely different from watching the game in a venue.


The international product (formerly “NFL Gamepass International”) is now the official worldwide NFL channel for video distribution. 

+250k pay subscribers in Europe (release 1, 2017)

+20mil hours of live games in 2020